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Not On Your Life


It has been great in the last few days to get back into writing here. I have been so intensely involved in putting up the “Reaching Out to Build Trust” pages at that this blog has been all too neglected this spring. Thanks to all of you who have forwarded comments and feedback about the reaching out material. It is much appreciated.

Another project for me has been staying on the hunt to find a venue for my co-facilitated workshop, Beyond the Edge. It has turned out to be a more difficult challenge to find the right place than I had hoped. I mentioned post before last a recent stay at the Whidbey Institute here in Washington State — I was there checking it out. Unfortunately, Beyond the Edge doesn’t match the assets of Whidbey Institute, and I’m sad about that because it’s close to where I live and is in many respects a really magnificent place. Up until a few years ago, we offered Beyond the Edge at the Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Unfortunately, it became too expensive to continue there.

I’d happened on Spring Creek early in my consulting career. I discovered it after missing a flight out of Jackson and unexpectedly had to stay the night. Driving around looking for a place to eat, I saw the sign and drove up the hill to a stunning view of the Tetons. For what it’s worth, I immediately had a strong feeling of attraction and synchronicity — and several years later, there we were doing the workshop.

There have been many other times when I have felt called to a place — or something that place represented. In fact, I began my consulting career not too long after I experienced a very strong feeling one day when I happened to notice a round building at a resort near the southern tip of the island of Hawaii. I was so intensely curious about it I asked at the front desk, “What do they do in that building over there?” “Oh, it’s some sort of retreat thing,” a staff member replied. “The company that owns it sends managers here a couple of times a year.” And I thought to myself, somehow that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d like to do. Although I’d never facilitated anything at that point, I suddenly wanted to facilitate a retreat in a place just like this. It sounds funny to say it but I had the same butterflies in my stomach looking at that building as when falling in love. The call was so strong. The mystery was so compelling.


Joshua Tree

I have no words of wisdom about such moments. They just feel to me like I am entering the stream of life in some foreshadowed way. They seem to express a destined future. Like any infatuation, they don’t necessarily lead to a blissful, “happily ever after” outcome, but they sure have something to say, at least for me, about where my heart’s come from and where it’s going.

If there’s a message, I suppose it must be about staying open to such moments. You don’t know when they are going to show up. They are signals of some archetype, perhaps, reaching up to grab us, telling us to “enter here;” that is, if you want to live a “meaningful life.” It’s sure clear that meaningful isn’t the same as easy. As I look back, there were as many mistakes and hard times that have come of my path as beautiful moments that soared out of this world. But would I want to have missed any of them? Some days, I’ll be rational and say yes there are a few things I’d just as soon foregone.

But most days, reflecting, my answer would have to be, “not on your life.”

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