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As you might see when visiting this blog, I did not have much time to write posts for this blog lately ! More than a year has passed since my last post ! The main reason is that most of my free time is taken up by my activities at Philosophy & Management. So, I […]


I can’t properly give an answer to this question but I do hope I’ll be in a better position to do so within a few months. Indeed, Philosophy & Management, a small association which I have the pleasure to manage with a few friends, will launch on 16/09, in Brussels, “Question Time”, its new cycle […]


“Yes” if we stick to Machiavelli’s sixteenth century contemporaries acceptation of the word as “elaborately cunning”; “Not only” if we use the word Machiavellian in its more contemporary acceptation. As Jackieh remarked on a comment to a former entry to this blog (Is Obama a “wise leader”?): “There are several indications that Obama is rather a Machiavellian […]


A tribute to François Vassart and Rudyard Kipligng out of a few reflections on “the world’s most dangerous idea”, Transhumanism In his 2002 book “Our Posthuman Future” and in a 2004 Foreign Policy magazine article, political economist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama designates Transhumanism the “world’s most dangerous idea” because he believes that it may undermine […]

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